People turn to cosmetic dentistry for a number of reasons. The Smile Design process begins in a relaxed yet purposeful meeting where you can describe yourself, as well as your hopes and desires. We discuss with you factors that are holding you back from the perfect smile that is right for you.

Our Smile Design Studio involves you in the smile design process, by sharing your goals, expressing your desires and expectations with us. You become the designer of your own smile while we use photos and videos taken at several steps of the treatment, to help clearly visualize and improve your ideas.

You are an excellent candidate to refresh your entire look with a cosmetic smile makeover if you feel self-conscious for any of the following reasons: crooked, chipped, or worn teeth, and discoloration or spaced teeth. Your cosmetic smile makeover begins with a private consultation with one of our preferred dentists. The Boston Dental team of specialists will use smile-imaging technology to factor in important elements, such as your age, skin tone, face shape, tooth color, and tooth size.

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