Is your diet wrecking your teeth? Although sticking to raw foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, sounds like the healthiest choice, your oral health can suffer greatly. Despite the sugars in fruit being natural, when they make their way into your mouth, there is no difference between the sugars from fruit and the sugars from chocolate or sweets. Sugar is the main cause of dental decay when there are bacteria present. More significant than the amount of sugar you eat is how often you consume it.

The absolute worst thing you can do to your teeth is to drink a soda and have a sip every few minutes over a long period of time; the same is true for snacking. It is recommended that if you want to have a snack or soda or juice it is better to have it after food, as dessert, or have it in one sitting. Drinking or eating something sweet over an extended period of time creates a constant supply of sugar which is fuel for bacteria that causes tooth decay!

If you want your chompers to stay healthy for life it is crucial to be aware of all the sources of sugar that are out there. It is not just everything that is sweet, but anything that can turn to sugar like pieces of bread for example. Cutting down your sugar intake is good for cavity prevention, as well as your overall health.


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