You may have seen a recent Boston Globe article that discussed a major rift between dentists and the largest dental insurer, Delta Dental. In an effort to attract more budget-conscious consumers and businesses, Delta rolled out a new low-cost plan that could potentially lower the amount of money practitioners would earn per patient visit. The good news is that Boston Dental is not among the list of practices that are troubled by this news and will continue to accept all Delta Dental plans.


Delivering great dentistry and patient care at an affordable price has always been a priority here at Boston Dental and that will never change. Since opening our doors, we have remained committed to providing the best standard of care possible and have gladly worked with most major dental insurers to ensure all of our patients can receive the oral care they need to live healthy and happy lives. You’re more than just customers, you are a part of our Boston Dental family.
Are you overdue for your oral hygiene checkup? If so, visit our Boston Dental site and book your appointment online today.

 -Dr. Maged el-Malecki, Dental Director of Boston Dental

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